If operating in the field of mechanical processing, many customers around the world know one of the monuments of the leading industrial machine manufacturing industry today – Yawei. Not only is the Top unit in China manufacturing and supplying high-class metal forming machine tools including punching machines, CNC bending machines, laser cutting machines, sheet metal automation production lines, processing lines, etc. handling steel coils, etc. Yawei’s products are also well received around the world.
Up to now, Yawei has distributed products to more than 50 countries and regions, including many fastidious markets and developed industries. According to a report from the General Administration of Customs of China(*), the most prominent markets of Yawei are Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Argentina with sales from each market ranging from 3-8 million USD. These are all strong countries in terms of the ability to manufacture complex industrial products, especially industrial equipment and new production technologies. The increasing distribution and consumption of Yawei machinery and equipment in these markets shows recognition and appreciation from well-known and experienced investors in the industry.
A technology background of more than 65 years, together with a team of leading experts, have made Yawei a pioneer in researching and applying intelligent production methods to manufacturing and upgrading existing products. In-depth knowledge of technology, in-depth research capacity and owning a factory of more than 400,000 square meters with the most advanced mechanical processing equipment worth more than 150 million USD are the advantages that bring the products of the company. Yawei achieves outstanding accuracy and high stability. These are the core criteria that are highly appreciated and chosen by foreign businesses.
In particular, in Yawei’s rich product ecosystem, the production and distribution capacity of Yawei presses is ranked first in China and is among the top suppliers of bending machines in the world today. now. Yawei is one of the few manufacturers capable of producing heavy duty presses for the steel structure industry, manufacturing power poles, wind turbines, etc., which are trusted by foreign enterprises.

Yawei tandem-2-PBB-2500-13000-16C bending machine in Germany

Yawei PBB-300018000 Bending Machine in USA

Yawei PBB-2000-15000-16c Bending Machine in Finland

The research and integration of optimal technologies and the equipment with the best components from the world’s leading manufacturers and the ability to master the technology of manufacturing mechanical frames of heavy-duty presses have been born. bending machines with very high accuracy in bending angle, bending speed, stability and high automation function.

Yawei 8m bending machine with 1000 tons bending force at a high-class steel production enterprise in New Zealand

(Website: https://www.realsteel.co.nz/capabilities)

Close-up of finished product after bending

In Vietnam market, since 2015 Weldcom has become the exclusive distributor of Yawei and started to bring the advanced technologies of this brand to the S-shaped strip of land. Up to now, Weldcom has supplied to the market. a total of hundreds of laser cutting machines, bending machines, punching machines, corrugated ironing machines, roll discharge lines… come to many Vietnamese enterprises. From the beginning of 2021 to the end of March 2022 alone, nearly 150 Yawei machines have been put on the market, doubling the consumption of bending machines and laser cnc machines. In which, 6 15KW laser cutting machines and 3 20KW machines with the largest capacity in Vietnam have been successfully installed and handed over by Weldcom, confirming the breakthrough production efficiency for steel structure enterprises. That result has led Weldcom to become the Top 2 Yawei distributor in the global market and Top 1 in the Asia-Pacific region.
Up to now, Yawei products provided by Weldcom have built absolute trust and received positive reviews from many enterprises in the field of sheet and steel structure processing such as: Huy Thanh Company, Thanh Tien, Amecc,
QH Plus, Seico, Thien Truong, Thinh Phat, Anh Dong, Dai Dung, Omega Vietnam, Tri Viet, Dai Phong … and many other enterprises and mechanical factories across the country.

Dai Dung – one of the major steel structure enterprises in Vietnam also believes in choosing Yawei laser cutting machine

Most recently, the steel billet processing and supply plant of Thaco Group – the leading automobile manufacturer in Vietnam also selected a 12KW Yawei laser cutting machine to put into production. With modern technology, Yawei laser cutting machine contributes to shortening processing time, saving production costs, and at the same time providing products with high aesthetics, absolute accuracy and meeting standards. strictness of metal processing in Thaco’s production line.

12KW Yawei HLF 2040 laser cutting machine at Thaco factory

Yawei’s sheet-cutting slitting line at Thaco . factory

Boldly bringing Yawei products with reasonable cost and quality close to the Japan(-) segment to Vietnam, Weldcom has proven the technological advantages of the Yawei brand and confirmed its service capability. technical service. With a solid level of expertise and confidence in mastering technology, Weldcom’s technical team has shortened the operating time,
installation down to 20-30%, ensuring the machine is put into use in the shortest time since handing over, bringing satisfaction and economic efficiency to many projects. In addition, boldly investing in modern equipment for the process of aligning and maintaining the machine’s mechanical system, always stocking cutting heads and laser cutting sources, has helped Weldcom respond quickly to demand. Maintenance and repair of customer machines.
All these reasons have strengthened our pride as a leading provider of turnkey solutions, turnkey packages – Turnkey metalworking in Vietnam, among which are outstanding products. products of Yawei.

(*) https://et.topease.net


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