Representatives from Jasic Visited and Worked with Weldcom

From March 19th to March 22nd, representatives from Jasic, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and accessories in China, paid a visit to and worked with Weldcom, while conducting a market survey on welding equipment, auxiliary materials, and consumables in the Vietnamese market.
Weldcom is the exclusive distributor of Jasic welding machines, cutting machines, and laser welding machines in the Vietnamese market since July 2011. The two businesses share many similarities in vision and mission, considering product quality as the core point to conquer customers. Over the course of 13 years of partnership, Jasic has emerged as the number one welding machine brand in Vietnam in terms of market share. Jasic products are highly regarded for their quality, durability, and the after-sales service, warranty, and repair services provided by Weldcom are also trusted and affirmed by customers.

During the meeting between representatives of both parties, Mr. Gary Pan, Product Management Manager of Jasic, shared with Weldcom the plans and development directions of Jasic in the near future, especially regarding product policies in the Vietnamese market. Accordingly, as they enter their 14th year of cooperation, Jasic & Weldcom continue to expand their range of welding machines, laser welding machines, and introduce high-quality auxiliary materials and consumables under the Jasic brand to the market.

To obtain the most accurate assessments of this promising market, the Jasic delegation dedicated two days to surveying distributors and retail stores in the northern region, and also directly visited the Weldcom booth at the Vietbuild exhibition. The deployment of this product line by Jasic is expected to be a significant step that is anticipated to reshape the market in Vietnam in the near future.
As for Weldcom, the network of stores and agents spread across the country will provide a significant advantage, contributing to delivering high-quality auxiliary materials and consumables from Jasic to consumers. In addition to its extensive distribution network, understanding the market as well as end customers is also a strength as Weldcom launches this product line.
After the business trip, the representatives of Jasic expressed absolute trust in their partnership with Weldcom, affirming that Weldcom will continue to be the exclusive distributor of Jasic products in Vietnam in the foreseeable future.
In response to the issue of counterfeit, fake, and non-genuine Jasic products in the domestic market, Jasic will collaborate closely with Weldcom and implement robust legal measures to address this problem. Given the positive results of their cooperation so far, continuing to maintain a close relationship and deep collaboration between Jasic and Weldcom will undoubtedly yield results beyond expectations for both companies.

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