The 3-in-1 CNC punching line combines automatic billet loading and unloading, integrating the advantages of punching and laser cutting processing.

  • The sheet metal bending machine with edge bending function.
  • It can bend the sheet metal into cylindrical, curved, and conical shapes under normal temperature conditions.
  • The upper shaft of the machine can move up-down and left-right.
  • Controlled by an easy-to-use PLC system for the operator, it helps to increase production efficiency and reduce product costs.

  • Kruman KPR3Y 3-axis hydraulic sheet metal rolling machine (without edge bending) – A suitable device for processing steel plates and galvanized sheets.
  • The machine has a sturdy structure and is easy to operate.
  • The upper axis is lifted and rotated by a hydraulic guide, while the two lower roller axes are guided by motors.
  • The W11Y model of the 3-axis hydraulic sheet metal rolling machine does not include edge bending and has a symmetrical structure with three rollers.
  • The upper roller is moved up and down vertically at the center position of the two lower rollers. Hydraulic oil is applied to the piston via a hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic lifting process is carried out.
  • The two lower rollers are rotated, and the output gear of the reduction gearbox is meshed with the teeth of the lower rollers to provide torque to the rolled plate

  • The W11 mechanical 3-roll plate bending machine is a classic, sturdy, low-investment machine with simple operation, wide adaptability to various working conditions, and convenient and easy maintenance. The machine has a 3-axis synchronized structure, with the upper roller moving vertically between the 2 lower rollers by the drive of a screw, bolts, and guiding screws.
  • The W11 3-axis mechanical plate bending machine has 3 symmetrically arranged axes, with the upper axis located at the center of the 2 lower axes. A shaft and gear on the same screw shaft and a secondary transmission set of screw shafts are used to drive the vertical movement of the moving axes.
  • The upper gear of the main reduction gearset is used to drive the gears of both lower axes to rotate and provide torque to the metal plate. The metal plate is placed between the 3 working axes (2 lower and 1 upper axis) and continuously bent under the pressure of the upper axis and the rotation of the lower axis to create a permanent elastic deformation on the plate, allowing the plate to be rolled into the desired shape such as a cylinder, cone or arch.
  • A disadvantage of the symmetrical mechanical 3-roll plate bending machine is that the end of the plate cannot be pre-bent.

AMS.HSP sheet metal punching, cutting and bending combination line, integrated punching unit and cutting unit, bending unit to perform the entire process of punching, cutting, bending and folding automatically

  • Compact design, flexible, easy to operate and highly efficient
  • The machine has 2 operating modes Auto and Manual, using PLC convenient for workers to operate, with anti-clogging sensor.
  • There are 02 high-capacity vacuuming silos, each silo has 9 dust filters, ensuring maximum dust collection during work (without affecting the environment).
  • The machine uses Q034 turbine with high cleaning efficiency, low noise

This is a high-end CNC cutting machine with an advanced Hypertherm  EDGE CONNECT  CNC controller. The machine combines synchronously the XPR 300 Plasma cutting source, automatic gas controller, XPR 300 Plasma cutting torch and GENTEC gas oxygen torch all from the US. With Hypertherm console technology, the machine gives very good cutting ability, the lowest error cut, it bavia. Truecut 4000s is well suited for mechanical units requiring high cut quality. BODA CNC cutting machine – TRUECUT 4000S

The plate face punching unit (FMC) has the functions of automatic feeding, punching and automatic loading and unloading and stacking.

The punching unit of the punching machine has the functions of automatic billet feeding, punching and automatic loading and unloading and stacking. Feeding and unloading devices are located on both sides of the machine, which has strong scalability and high efficiency.

  • Billet trolley
  • Barrel feeding device
  • CNC punching machine
  • Billet unloading device
  • Product lifting and unloading equipment

The purpose of this processing system is to increase flexibility and automate the production of large flat sheet metal parts such as elevator doors and vehicle walls. The whole system includes: the raw material is selected by the automatic bar feeding system and transferred to the CNC punching machine to complete the punching process.

The long and short sides of the plate are bent using two gantry bending robots and two CNC bending machines. After the short edges are folded, they are transferred to the welding line to complete the rebar resistance welding, servo arc welding at the overlapping edges of the reinforcement ribs and bottom plate. The robot spot welds the overlapping edges of the bottom plate and stacks them on wooden pallets.

  • SF3015G single table fiber laser cutting machine without protective cover is a good choice of customers in the popular segment. Machine for Ability to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other steels;
  • Machine frame is annealed and stress treated after welding, machine beam parts are manufactured by cast aluminum.
  • The machine is applied in automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, etc.

  • Billing Truck
  • Automatic loading and unloading equipment
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Finished trolley

Comprehensive sheet metal processing (FMS) Dâysuitable for specific requirements and processes, coordinating the operations of each sheet metal production unit and automatically managing logistics. This system integrates various tools and high-performance sheet metal processing machines with the application of Yawei’s robot technology and data processing technology. Due to the variety of combinations of machines and equipment, this system can be widely used in automatic processing of various metal sheets.

  • Integrating a set of optimal welding heads in terms of technology and size, ensuring that a variety of beam sizes can be welded.
  • Using 2-wire 2 independent arc welding technology with 04 (or 08) Artsen CM500R Megmeet welding sources, with a large welding data system, automatically calculating welding parameters. Optimum user action on the touch screen control panel.
  • Application of Tandem MIG welding technology under the drug layer for fast welding speed, high weld quality. Welding source is a source for robots with many advantages such as wide input voltage range, stability, and durability.
  • The wire feed of the welding source has an Encoder that controls the wire speed, making the welding current stable and the highest quality weld.
  • Pre-installed welding DATA kit, maximum support during operation, easy training of operators, optimizing labor costs.
  • Equipped with user data monitoring to help evaluate work efficiency. Measure parameters of welding meters, welding time, machine downtime for each production shift.
  • The machine has built-in Ethernet IP connection to connect to SCADA or MES systems. The data in the machine will be sent to the server to give aggregates and display reports by shift/day/month/quarter

  • Straight line slitter, new design, modern industrial design.
  • Easily adjust the knife clearance and cutting angle, improving the cutting quality.
  • Hydraulic system components are imported from Germany, limiting errors in operation.
  • The machine is equipped with the Dutch ESTUN E21S controller for flexible transport work and easy operation.
  • With HGSK machine, the machine is equipped with Dutch Delem DAC360S controller with high accuracy, simple operation.
  • The machine cutter is high-grade alloy, long life, effective cutting for a long time.
  • The build is solid, my computer’s chassis is hardware and eliminates redundancy.