Yawei PBH CNC Press Brake machine

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  • Yawei’s high-quality hydraulic press is a line of high-quality hydraulic presses with modern features and European design style.
  • DA53T CNC controller from Delem Netherlands.
  • Advanced hydraulic system Hawe – Germany, oil pump of Voith/Eckerle (110T) – Germany, improve stability, trust the hydraulic system.
  • The main motor is a servo motor to help increase speed, limit noise, save power, minimize oil leakage errors on the hydraulic system, limit the increase of oil temperature when working to help maintain regime stability.
  • The working table is equipped with a CNC-controlled hydraulic compensation system, limiting the sagging state when the product coupling is long.
  • As standard, there are 2 CNC axes (X, R) which are powered by AC servo motors, which are switched by high precision speed conversion shaft.
  • Safety for everyone is thanks to the safety door on both sides and back of the machine.
  • Many upgrade options, well combined with robots.