Types of metal cnc cutting machines: Plasma cutting machines, Oxy Gas cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, Laser cutting machines, disc cutting machines, hydraulic cutting machines of reputable brands in the world. Distributed by Weldcom.

  • Single-table machine, without guards, effectively cuts thin metal sheets, suitable for materials ≤ 12mm thick. …
  • Imported fiber laser source, long life, low maintenance cost, fuel-saving and environment-friendly.
  • The machine structure is neat, saving warehouse space, convenient for all levels of work, districts and manipulation when operating.
  • High-end accessories such as German brand IPG laser source, Raytools – Switzerland cutting head, rack, gears and gearboxes from Japan, Sweden.
  • Equipping the whole machine with voltage stabilizer and automatic lubrication system
  • Meets the precision standards of the sheet metal processing industry.

  • Latest design, high performance, world standard high speed laser cutting machine version.
  • Safe operation, clean environment meets European standards.
  • Mechanical structure, strict production standards. X-axis machined by alloy steel for high travel speed and withstand large torque and acceleration.
  • The control system, driver, and Siemens synchronous motor provide precise control, anti-interference and high stability.
  • Inheriting the perfect development of HLF features for the best cutting quality and punching ability.
  • Equipped with the latest technology and features for easy fault diagnosis, maintenance and operation.
  • Easy integration of 4.0 smart factory solutions.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • The new generation design follows the HLE model, bringing a wide range of options to the high-end segment lasers.
  • Beckhoff controller; driver, servo motor, Physic driver or option of famous brands.
  • Solid mechanical structure, high production standards, system of moving parts from high-end brands.
  • Alarm system, easy maintenance and operation.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • The design promotes efficiency, economy, reasonable and optimal machine structure.
  • Gate structure with two parallel moving rails, two switching workbenches improves productivity, high speed with 2.1G acceleration.
  • Fiber laser transmission, no mirror system, so the cost of operation and maintenance is very low, working reliably and stably.
  • The chamber protects the main cutting table area, limiting smoke and dust.
  • The sight glass is anti-laser and provides high safety for operators.
  • Imported components, long life and stability: Beckhoff controller – Germany, IPG laser source, Raytools cutting head – Switzerland…
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • Quality meets European standards, is rated as China’s No.1 laser cutting machine product.
  • New styling with marked improvement in cutting performance.
  • High performance, high speed, acceleration reaches 2.0 – 2.8G.
  • Gate-shaped machine structure, parallel two-rail movement, moving beam made of monolithic aluminum alloy, conversion table allows double working productivity, working table height is always kept at a fixed level thanks to the mechanism. hydraulic lift.
  • High-end accessories: IPG laser source, Precitec cutting head, Siemens controller, Schneider electrical components
  • Super fast cutting speed for thin materials, stable cutting for medium and thick materials.
  • The combination of laser angle cutting technology and advanced numerical control technology, accompanied by a humanized HMI interface and an upgraded professional laser cutting database.
  • Automatically adjust air pressure, cutting power, cutting speed according to material thickness.
  • Automatic calibration feature allows good cutting of warped sheets.
  • Automatic cutting head cleaning feature.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • Single desk
    Metal sheet cutting, metal pipe not available
    1.5kw / 2kw / 3kw / 4kw available

  • The SF6020M fiber laser cutting machine is rated to the top level in China, being the best choice of customers in the metalworking industry. The machine is used to cut mild steel up to 16mm.
  • The frame has a honeycomb carbon structure, using a heat annealing treatment. Die-cast aluminum beam and whole machine bed are welded, with high strength and stability. The running speed of the machine can reach 80 m/min, which can process round pipes with a diameter of less than 200 mm and square pipes with a side length of less than 150 mm.
  • Sheet cutting size: up to 6000 x 2000 mm.
  • Round pipe size: 20 – 220 mm; Square 14 – 150 mm.

  • SF3015G single table fiber laser cutting machine without protective cover is a good choice of customers in the popular segment. Machine for Ability to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other steels;
  • Machine frame is annealed and stress treated after welding, machine beam parts are manufactured by cast aluminum.
  • The machine is applied in automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, etc.

  • Quick response to control, saving gas, electricity and cost
  • Using bright surface cutting technology, fast cutting speed, small slope, low roughness
  • Gantry double-drive high-rigidity bed structure, annealing and stress-relieving operation to sensure efficient and stable running
  • Humanized operation interface and cutting parameter library are fully upgraded

  • A new generation of extremely fast fiber laser cutting machine matches the international level
  • Cutting efficiency and precision of complex workpiece beyond imagination
  • The bed and beam structure, control and transmission system, and laser processing technology are significantly improved
  • With job list function, remote diagnosis service, health protection system, interconnection with the production management center

  • Compact structure and small footprints
  • The cutting area is open for easy loading and unloading, adapting to a variety of venues and use environments
  • The dust removal port is close to the lower part of the cutting area,greatly improves the dust removal efficiency and ensures the long-term stable operation
  • The plate welding frame is matched with the aluminum alloy beam to meet the requirements of high acceleration motion
  • Separate electric control cabinet can adapt to the spatial arrangement of different venues

– Perfect combination of production efficiency and performance
– High-speed cutting of thin plates, precise and perfect piercing of medium and thick plates
– Intelligent operation interface for equipment status monitoring and comprehensive upgrade of cutting expert parameter library
– Nano-level interpolation, independent CNC control technology, to ensure extremely fast response of each axis

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine HNC3000/4000H
  • Ray P43; 3x12m/4x12m
  • 01 CNC oxygen gas mine with THC
  • 09 glacial mines (without automatic mine lifter for 9 glacial mines)

This is a high-end CNC cutting machine with an advanced Hypertherm  EDGE CONNECT  CNC controller. The machine combines synchronously the XPR 300 Plasma cutting source, automatic gas controller, XPR 300 Plasma cutting torch and GENTEC gas oxygen torch all from the US. With Hypertherm console technology, the machine gives very good cutting ability, the lowest error cut, it bavia. Truecut 4000s is well suited for mechanical units requiring high cut quality. BODA CNC cutting machine – TRUECUT 4000S