HLF Yawei series Laser Cutting machine

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  • Quality meets European standards, is rated as China’s No.1 laser cutting machine product.
  • New styling with marked improvement in cutting performance.
  • High performance, high speed, acceleration reaches 2.0 – 2.8G.
  • Gate-shaped machine structure, parallel two-rail movement, moving beam made of monolithic aluminum alloy, conversion table allows double working productivity, working table height is always kept at a fixed level thanks to the mechanism. hydraulic lift.
  • High-end accessories: IPG laser source, Precitec cutting head, Siemens controller, Schneider electrical components
  • Super fast cutting speed for thin materials, stable cutting for medium and thick materials.
  • The combination of laser angle cutting technology and advanced numerical control technology, accompanied by a humanized HMI interface and an upgraded professional laser cutting database.
  • Automatically adjust air pressure, cutting power, cutting speed according to material thickness.
  • Automatic calibration feature allows good cutting of warped sheets.
  • Automatic cutting head cleaning feature.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.