The 3-in-1 CNC punching line combines automatic billet loading and unloading, integrating the advantages of punching and laser cutting processing.

AMS.HSP sheet metal punching, cutting and bending combination line, integrated punching unit and cutting unit, bending unit to perform the entire process of punching, cutting, bending and folding automatically

The plate face punching unit (FMC) has the functions of automatic feeding, punching and automatic loading and unloading and stacking.

The punching unit of the punching machine has the functions of automatic billet feeding, punching and automatic loading and unloading and stacking. Feeding and unloading devices are located on both sides of the machine, which has strong scalability and high efficiency.

  • Billet trolley
  • Barrel feeding device
  • CNC punching machine
  • Billet unloading device
  • Product lifting and unloading equipment

The purpose of this processing system is to increase flexibility and automate the production of large flat sheet metal parts such as elevator doors and vehicle walls. The whole system includes: the raw material is selected by the automatic bar feeding system and transferred to the CNC punching machine to complete the punching process.

The long and short sides of the plate are bent using two gantry bending robots and two CNC bending machines. After the short edges are folded, they are transferred to the welding line to complete the rebar resistance welding, servo arc welding at the overlapping edges of the reinforcement ribs and bottom plate. The robot spot welds the overlapping edges of the bottom plate and stacks them on wooden pallets.

  • Billing Truck
  • Automatic loading and unloading equipment
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Finished trolley

  • Straight line slitter, new design, modern industrial design.
  • Easily adjust the knife clearance and cutting angle, improving the cutting quality.
  • Hydraulic system components are imported from Germany, limiting errors in operation.
  • The machine is equipped with the Dutch ESTUN E21S controller for flexible transport work and easy operation.
  • With HGSK machine, the machine is equipped with Dutch Delem DAC360S controller with high accuracy, simple operation.
  • The machine cutter is high-grade alloy, long life, effective cutting for a long time.
  • The build is solid, my computer’s chassis is hardware and eliminates redundancy.

  • The design promotes efficiency, economy, reasonable and optimal machine structure.
  • Gate structure with two parallel moving rails, two switching workbenches improves productivity, high speed with 2.1G acceleration.
  • Fiber laser transmission, no mirror system, so the cost of operation and maintenance is very low, working reliably and stably.
  • The chamber protects the main cutting table area, limiting smoke and dust.
  • The sight glass is anti-laser and provides high safety for operators.
  • Imported components, long life and stability: Beckhoff controller – Germany, IPG laser source, Raytools cutting head – Switzerland…
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • Quality meets European standards, is rated as China’s No.1 laser cutting machine product.
  • New styling with marked improvement in cutting performance.
  • High performance, high speed, acceleration reaches 2.0 – 2.8G.
  • Gate-shaped machine structure, parallel two-rail movement, moving beam made of monolithic aluminum alloy, conversion table allows double working productivity, working table height is always kept at a fixed level thanks to the mechanism. hydraulic lift.
  • High-end accessories: IPG laser source, Precitec cutting head, Siemens controller, Schneider electrical components
  • Super fast cutting speed for thin materials, stable cutting for medium and thick materials.
  • The combination of laser angle cutting technology and advanced numerical control technology, accompanied by a humanized HMI interface and an upgraded professional laser cutting database.
  • Automatically adjust air pressure, cutting power, cutting speed according to material thickness.
  • Automatic calibration feature allows good cutting of warped sheets.
  • Automatic cutting head cleaning feature.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • Latest design, high performance, world standard high speed laser cutting machine version.
  • Safe operation, clean environment meets European standards.
  • Mechanical structure, strict production standards. X-axis machined by alloy steel for high travel speed and withstand large torque and acceleration.
  • The control system, driver, and Siemens synchronous motor provide precise control, anti-interference and high stability.
  • Inheriting the perfect development of HLF features for the best cutting quality and punching ability.
  • Equipped with the latest technology and features for easy fault diagnosis, maintenance and operation.
  • Easy integration of 4.0 smart factory solutions.
  • Combined with the world’s number one Sigmanest nesting software for optimal cutting, efficient material management.

  • Includes frame, servo system, laser source, laser cutting head, air system and water system for cooling, vacuuming and ventilation with workpiece catcher, table, punching plate, beam, pneumatic, lubrication and clamping system. .
  • CNC servo punching: Frame structure, solid structure, high rigidity, servo-controlled punching force 294kN, punching frequency up to 700 cpm
  • High efficiency, 2000cpm punching speed, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise and energy consumption.

The automatic laser cutting line provided by Yawei can be used as a smart sheet metal factory device to communicate and share data with the ERP/MES production management center during processing. according to the production plan.

  • Automatically complete loading, cutting and unloading of billets
  • Perform batch and continuous processing of single sized billets


  • The system consists of a punching and cutting machine combined with an intelligent material library, a bar feeding device, and an automatic product sorting and stacking device.
  • Centralized control system can control each device to maximize the processing efficiency of the system.

  • Single-table machine, without guards, effectively cuts thin metal sheets, suitable for materials ≤ 12mm thick. …
  • Imported fiber laser source, long life, low maintenance cost, fuel-saving and environment-friendly.
  • The machine structure is neat, saving warehouse space, convenient for all levels of work, districts and manipulation when operating.
  • High-end accessories such as German brand IPG laser source, Raytools – Switzerland cutting head, rack, gears and gearboxes from Japan, Sweden.
  • Equipping the whole machine with voltage stabilizer and automatic lubrication system
  • Meets the precision standards of the sheet metal processing industry.

  • Compact structure and small footprints
  • The cutting area is open for easy loading and unloading, adapting to a variety of venues and use environments
  • The dust removal port is close to the lower part of the cutting area,greatly improves the dust removal efficiency and ensures the long-term stable operation
  • The plate welding frame is matched with the aluminum alloy beam to meet the requirements of high acceleration motion
  • Separate electric control cabinet can adapt to the spatial arrangement of different venues