High efficiency plasma cutting machine, saving investment cost, saving workpiece, cutting cost and reducing labor. The machine has designs from light to heavy duty with different sizes and number of torches to meet the diverse needs of customers.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine HNC3000/4000H
  • Ray P43; 3x12m/4x12m
  • 01 CNC oxygen gas mine with THC
  • 09 glacial mines (without automatic mine lifter for 9 glacial mines)

This is a high-end CNC cutting machine with an advanced Hypertherm  EDGE CONNECT  CNC controller. The machine combines synchronously the XPR 300 Plasma cutting source, automatic gas controller, XPR 300 Plasma cutting torch and GENTEC gas oxygen torch all from the US. With Hypertherm console technology, the machine gives very good cutting ability, the lowest error cut, it bavia. Truecut 4000s is well suited for mechanical units requiring high cut quality. BODA CNC cutting machine – TRUECUT 4000S

Model: BLC3000

Ray 3.15 x10m (15Kg/m), 1 steam CNC + 1 CNC Plasma (on the same mine lifter), with Sigmanest Companion software, Huayuan HYCC-M3 CNC control system.

Model: BLC4000

 Ray 4 x14m (15Kg/m), 1 mỏ CNC hơi+1 CNC plasma (trên cùng một bộ nâng hạ mỏ), kèm phần mềm Sigmanest Companion, hệ thống điều khiển CNC Huayuan HYCC-M3.