Yawei HPE Series CNC Turret Punching machine

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  • Production technology and quality management according to the standards of Nisshinbo – Japan.
  • Servo motor generates punching force for fast speed, can reach 1500 times/min.
  • Turntable punching station, made of hardened alloy steel, precision machined.
  • Thick punching plate, suitable for common punches and dies, servo motor control, precise positioning, flexible operation.
  • The punching station integrated with the Auto-index head allows punching to form many complex details.
  • Exclusive Auto-index punching control technology, for high positioning accuracy.
  • The workpiece moving system consists of two CNC X and Y axes driven by a servo motor through a ball screw.
  • Powerful control function with 840D CNC control system from Seimens-Germany.
  • Touch screen HMI 17inches, easy to operate.
  • Precise head down control, maximum error only ±0.01.
  • Equipped with probe sensor and workpiece clamp sensor.
  • Energy saving, low operating cost, low noise, simple maintenance.
  • Integrating the world’s leading Sigmanest billet stacking software, maximizing material savings.