Currently, with the development of digital technology, automatic lines are increasingly widely applied in production. Manufacturing enterprises always improve their own technology and machinery systems to create products with the best quality, at the most competitive prices. That is the basis to improve the competitive position, help businesses stand firm in the fierce market. The following article will analyze with you more closely the role of automation in modern manufacturing.


Overview of automation

Automation is the application of advanced technology to the industrial production process to transfer a large part or all of the production activities thanks to human labor to machines and equipment. According to this concept, the automatic process will not need too much human intervention, but will use different control systems to help machines operate faster, more accurately,reduced human intervention, even some processes are fully automated.

Automation is being widely applied in many different fields: manufacturing industry, mechanical processing, automatic assembly lines, quality control applications… Control systems are often used to operate Manufacturing process operations include servos, PLCs, electronic circuits, G code, etc. These control systems can range from simple control to complex algorithms, controlling simple machines to large industrial systems.

Automation improves production productivity

There are many factors that affect the automation of a country, or a sector. In which, important factors can be mentioned such as: Digital technology, human resources, capital resources… In order for this process to take place smoothly, it is necessary to understand the nature of automation in each field. , each production process, thereby optimizing application, increasing productivity, reducing costs.

Benefits of automation in modern manufacturing

Significant increase in production productivity

Thanks to this process, machines operate 24/24 without having to take time off, the time between shifts like using workers. Moreover, the operating speed of automatic lines is many times faster than human manual operations. Therefore, it will help factories improve production productivity significantly. This is considered the top and most obvious benefit of any factory when applying automation.

Reduce labor costs

Applying automation in production means maximizing the involvement of automated machines, minimizing human involvement in the production process. As a result, businesses will reduce labor costs. Instead, just invest once in production, it will be a smart and effective investment. Moreover, there are many dangerous stages in production if people are directly involved. Therefore, thanks to the application of automatic lines, labor safety at factories will be ensured.

Automatic welding robot is widely used

Improve product quality, reduce raw material costs

In the production process, when automatic equipment is applied, all product parameters will be programmed in advance, so that the finished product always has high accuracy, the lowest error rate. Automation thus helps businesses significantly reduce human-related errors in finished products. Moreover, thanks to the automatic production line, the products created always have the highest uniformity. The low error rate means that the factory will reduce the costs of raw materials, production costs related to product error correction or compensatory production, etc.

Enhancing the skill level of employees

The application of automation in production will help businesses have the opportunity to move workers to proactive positions and train them to have faster access to technology. Instead of them having to do it manually, they will now be able to improve their skills to control machines to do those jobs for them. Therefore, this helps workers to be more specialized and have the fastest access to modern technology.

Maximum flexibility in production

This is considered a very clear benefit of automation. Because changing the process, production line, adding or removing stages will often take a lot of time and effort. If automatic devices have not been applied, businesses will lose time for employee training, management changes, team changes, etc. However, when applying automation, just need to reprogram the program. will have the highest degree of customization.

Highly customizable: Changing the production process, especially when adding new stages, is often complicated, as this work must be accompanied by worker training activities as well as management changes. For robots, the program will ensure the ability to do all the tasks assigned. This will increase customization in production.

Enhance competitive position for businesses

Increasing productivity, cutting raw material costs and labor costs will help factories reduce costs. Meanwhile, product quality has been significantly improved, thus helping businesses improve their competitive position in the market. Applying automatic lines in production will help businesses create breakthroughs in production and business. Of course, in terms of business knowing how to apply the most suitable.

Welding robot ABB IRB 2600ID

Common applications of automation

With the obvious benefits mentioned above, automation has been applied in many different fields and achieved many remarkable achievements. Thanks to the development of the Internet and the 4.0 industrial revolution, automation is considered a key and indispensable factor to help businesses develop and improve their competitive position in the market. Typical fields of application of automatic technology and equipment include: Mechanics, pneumatics, medical, agriculture, electricity, electronics, automobile manufacturing technology, ships…

Especially, in mechanical processing, if according to the traditional method, the mechanic has to process it manually or use semi-automatic machines such as lathes, planers, welding machines, etc., thanks to the application of automatic equipment, automatic robots whose operations have been performed by modern CNC programmed machines. Or dangerous stages like welding with the maximum help of modern welding robots. In particular, CAD/CAM/CNC technology has helped the machining process operate in a closed process, with high speed, and almost absolute accuracy.

In Vietnam, the development and application of automation is gradually following a scientific cycle. First, manufacturing enterprises will study the achievements of the industrial revolution in the world. Then, based on the specific conditions in the country and outline the direction to develop the application of digital technology and automatic equipment for each field and each different industry.

In the field of food and drink, many restaurants and restaurants have used mobile phones and tablets to use applications to make the ordering process faster and more efficient. Meanwhile, the mining industries are also applying a lot of automation, such as the mining industry. Or automatic interior means such as automatic rolling doors, hospital lead doors… Besides, in furniture and food factories, a lot of automatic conveyors are applied in production lines, helping to control quality as well as operate the production, installation, packaging, and warehousing cycles faster and more efficiently…

Xu thế 4.0 tạo nền tảng cho tự động hóa

4.0 trend on automation platform

Thanks to the achievements of the industrial revolution, especially the strong development of the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial Internet of Things), the application of automation in production is receiving more and more attention, accelerate quickly. Many businesses at first fear that investing in new technology production lines will cost a lot, and training personnel to use will take a long time. However, in fact, it is the results of the industrial revolution 4.0 that have helped manufacturing enterprises solve economic problems, make smart and effective investments.

Facing the new wave of digital technology, the application of high-tech chains is inevitable. The factories are oriented to build in the smart factory model, to meet the increasing demands of customers for the most sophisticated and quality products.

In the industry, prominent trends include multi-touch, wireless connectivity and robotics technology. Among them, robots are the most popular trend. Initially, the robot was just a device that performed simple operations such as moving objects, lifting and lowering objects. However, these days, robots are controlled by intelligent software, programmed to perform a lot of complex operations, meeting the increasing demands in the production process of factories.

Above is all the general information about automation as well as its role in modern production. After this article, hopefully businesses will have a clearer view of the importance of applying automatic lines to the production process.

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