JSEDM is a globally recognized brand for its expertise in the manufacture of electric spark machining machines. With nearly 40 years of development, JSEDM offers many product lines: Wire EDM cutting machine, CNC pulse machine, ZNC pulse machine, EDM drilling machine, .. In order to meet the requirements of customers.

Factory producing brand JSEDM

The parts on each JSEDM machine are designed and machined to ensure high precision. In addition, with a friendly interface, it will be easier for the operator to program and use JSEDM’s machine. JSEDM supplies equipment to many major partners in the world such as HIWIN, Eurocharm, Roll-Royce, SWAROVSKI and  Weldcom.
In the Vietnamese market, the JSEDM brand has cooperated with Weldcom to become the exclusive distribution partner of its products. Owning more than 1300 agents and branch systems nationwide, and a team of highly qualified personnel in the industry, Weldcom is confident to be a solid bridge to bring the JSEDM brand closer to Vietnamese mechanical enterprises. South in the future.