In the field of machine tool manufacturing, there are many companies and large corporations that stand out as “big guys” that are hard to replace. One of them is Hurco – America’s Top 1 manufacturer of machine and tool equipment, highly appreciated and well received by the mechanical world. The following article will help readers better understand this famous brand.


HURCO is a corporation specializing in manufacturing machines and industrial equipment for the precision mechanical field, established in 1968 and headquartered in Indianapolis, USA. According to Technavio’s 2020 market research company report, Hurco ranks 4th in the list of leading precision machining machine manufacturers in the world, behind only DMG Mori, Yamazaki Mazak and Okuma.
Currently, Hurco owns 3 manufacturing plants located in 3 countries, USA, Italy and Taiwan. The Group has merged two more Takumi and Miltronics brands and established 12 representative offices across continents with a full team of experienced professionals ready to provide pre- – during – after-sales service around the world. gender.

In the range of equipment in the field of precision mechanics, Hurco mainly focuses on two lines of CNC milling machines and CNC lathes for stability and high accuracy, suitable for enterprises producing auxiliary industries, metalworking, stonework, mold making to high-precision applications such as aerospace, defense, etc.

Hurco TM8i . CNC Lathe

Finished products made from high-precision Hurco CNC lathe

Along with that, Hurco is also a technology master as it always strives to research and improve the maximum integration of modern technology into each product to improve performance through the WinMax controller. This part has a compact design but possesses many outstanding features that allow users to flexibly select modes suitable for the purpose of processing finished products. As a result, businesses can thoroughly solve backlog problems in production, towards creating products faster, saving machining time by up to 30% and optimizing work for people. operate.

Over the years, the Hurco group’s machine tool products have been present and have been chosen by consumers in the most demanding markets such as the US, Canada, Korea, Europe, etc. European region – where the standards for mechanical equipment products are judged to be strict. In addition, Hurco has also been named “Top Brand” and “Excellent Supplier” by prestigious industry organizations, such as Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC), American Machinist Magazine and Gardner Business Media. Its global sales reached $227 million (54% of sales in Europe); supplying equipment to many major partners such as Airbus, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Nasa, John Deere, Weldcom, etc. The above achievements are the clearest evidence for Hurco’s continuous development efforts.
In 2022, Weldcom has become the official authorized and warranty partner of Hurco in Vietnam market. The resonance of the strength of the two brands will be a premise for domestic enterprises to access and update advanced equipment and machines to improve technology, improve production capacity, and increase competitive advantage. compete and support the strong development of the domestic precision mechanical industry today.

Weldcom is the official authorized and warranty partner of Hurco in Vietnam

For more detailed information about Hurco products, please contact Weldcom at Hotline: 19009410 or leave information in the comment section below.


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