The YAWEI brand – Top of the world’s leading CNC machine manufacturers – not only provides a comprehensive range of cutting, bending, punching and laser products, affirming the quality and class in the market; The company also continuously offers automated solutions to go deeper into the automation production process of the enterprise. In this article, Weldcom would like to share useful information about the automated folding bending solution from Yawei, which is the perfect combination of a robot and a hydraulic press for your reference.
Normally, folding products at sheet metal processing factories is a daily and labor-intensive process. In fact, the bending products made by workers often have low uniformity, leading to a high rate of incorrect errors. This will significantly affect production costs, output quality as well as order progress of enterprises. Therefore, the introduction of automation into the folding process with the goal of improving efficiency and optimizing the production process is currently the top priority of mechanical processing enterprises.


In order to meet that essential need, Yawei has cooperated with the KUKA brand in successfully researching and developing an automatic robot solution combined with a bending machine. Compared with other traditional methods, this solution of Yawei will bring the most practical benefits to businesses when applied.

  • High automation: The robot will directly connect to the Delem controller of the Yawei press, the data from the controller will transmit commands to the robot to clearly determine the time the workpiece enters the gauge, the time the tool hits the workpiece, cutting speed… from there, helping the robot move products and components from one place to another – picking up, lifting – putting down, working synchronously with the press, creating the production process continuously without human intervention.
  • Saving labor costs: the folding stage requires at least 2 workers, especially for large-sized products, the number of workers in charge of this job can be up to 4 people. Therefore, if the above solution is applied, business owners will only need to lose the investment cost of production machinery, in return the production system will automatically stabilize and last much longer than humans. Thereby helping businesses recover their investment easily.
  • Improve accuracy: With the sensor system of KUKA robot, products are made 100 like 1, the rate of defective goods is almost completely eliminated. Thereby, improving the synchronization of the quality of processed products.
  • Improve labor safety, production productivity: The robot system combined with a press machine is capable of working with a labor productivity equal to 3 – 5 people combined. Furthermore, robots with sensors will keep the people they work with and surrounding equipment and lines safe.
    Stable operation equipment: The solution is a combination of Yawei CNC bending machine and KUKA Robot – 2 world-famous brands for technology and product durability. The system is capable of withstanding high workload, far surpassing that of humans, operating continuously 24/7 without a break and requiring little maintenance.

In which fields are Yawei bending solutions combined with robots?

With many advantages, this automatic solution of Yawei will help manufacturers to thoroughly solve the problem of labor, production stability and increase productivity. Robot system combined with Yawei bending machine is widely applied in mass sheet metal processing enterprises such as: electrical panel cabinets, fire cabinets, furniture, cable tray ladders, steel doors, file cabinets… Use the most effective solution for businesses that specialize in large-scale goods, or jobs that require product homogeneity that are difficult to do with workers.
Above is useful information about the automation solution from Yawei – a robot combined with a press machine that Weldcom would like to send to our readers. Currently, Weldcom is the exclusive distributor of Yawei’s comprehensive automation products and solutions in Vietnam market.
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