3-Roll Mechanical Plate Bending Machine – W11 Series Without Edge Pre-bending

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  • The W11 mechanical 3-roll plate bending machine is a classic, sturdy, low-investment machine with simple operation, wide adaptability to various working conditions, and convenient and easy maintenance. The machine has a 3-axis synchronized structure, with the upper roller moving vertically between the 2 lower rollers by the drive of a screw, bolts, and guiding screws.
  • The W11 3-axis mechanical plate bending machine has 3 symmetrically arranged axes, with the upper axis located at the center of the 2 lower axes. A shaft and gear on the same screw shaft and a secondary transmission set of screw shafts are used to drive the vertical movement of the moving axes.
  • The upper gear of the main reduction gearset is used to drive the gears of both lower axes to rotate and provide torque to the metal plate. The metal plate is placed between the 3 working axes (2 lower and 1 upper axis) and continuously bent under the pressure of the upper axis and the rotation of the lower axis to create a permanent elastic deformation on the plate, allowing the plate to be rolled into the desired shape such as a cylinder, cone or arch.
  • A disadvantage of the symmetrical mechanical 3-roll plate bending machine is that the end of the plate cannot be pre-bent.